3 Time Management Strategies to Increase your Productivity

Gaining control over your time is satisfying, leaving you with a well-deserved feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day. Beyond personal satisfaction, enhanced productivity means greater opportunity for business growth. Heed these simple productivity tips to streamline your task list and get more done.

• Focus: Tackle your top priorities only. To determine, list all the goals you’d like to accomplish and spend time re-ordering this larger goal list, until you’re sure you have priorities in order. That’s when you cross off everything after the first 5. The remaining items may never get done, or not in the near future, and it probably won’t matter. Completely ignore those “leftovers” until you’ve completed the top 5. Laser-focus so you can really make an impact, and you’ll get the immense satisfaction of crossing items off your list. (With a too-long list, you’ll end up with lots of half-done items.) Chalk it up to the 80/20 rule. It’s likely that 20 percent of your tasks produce 80 percent of your progress and profit.

• Delegate: Even with your priority, top 5 list, it’s doubtful that you can do everything on your own. In fact, you may not be the best qualified to do everything needed to achieve top business goals. Delegate, if you have able partners or staff. If not, hire expert consultants and/or use apps that manage activities with little effort on your part.

• Streamline: Continually refine until you find the best, most straightforward way to do crucial daily tasks. Don’t schedule routine tasks or meetings during your most alert, productive hours. Use the uninterrupted “prime time” to tackle the most challenging projects. Cut meeting times in half–and do them standing up–to keep discussions purposeful and moving forward. Group like items (such as answering email, running errands) and handle in one continuous block of time, rather than piecemeal throughout the day. Work (read/research) in vacation settings (outdoors by the pool, at the park) to get in family time/relaxation, while making work progress.

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