Business Teams: What are the Keys to any Successful Team?

Successful business teams require several key components. Over all, you must create a solid structure for the team and assemble the correct type of team to reach your goals. Combine the following elements and attributes to create awesome, even legendary, business teams:

• Clear, agreed-upon objectives: Working together as a team is great, but only if every team member is motivated by, and heading for, the same goals. Avoid working at cross-purposes or spinning your wheels (but getting nowhere), with crystal clear business goals at the outset of your project.

• Dedication: Each member of your business team must believe in, and be willing to put forward maximum effort toward, your goals and mission. You don’t need any team members who are distracted or plan on coasting along. These negatives can drag the others down, ruining morale and derailing team momentum.

• Generous returns: Keep the team motivated for success by giving them input in goal setting, and by sharing the bounty with team members, when it comes in.

• Individual responsibility: Detail the division of labor. This avoids confusion, disagreements and duplication of effort. Properly delineated responsibilities ensure that everything gets done, and that everyone contributes their expected share of work.

• Information sharing: Open and clear communication is the foundation for a successful team. Withholding information needlessly slows down the team and can erode trust.

• Reliability: Productive teams know they can depend upon each other to be loyal to the team, to share information, and to support each other as they work toward mutual goals.

• Healthy regard: Team members must respect the experience and accomplishments that each member brings to the group. This ensures they will enjoy working together and deliver impressive achievements. Members of accomplished business teams listen to one another’s input, rather than ignoring or resisting it. Only with mutual regard can team members come to rely on each other, build upon each other’s accomplishments and meet joint team objectives.

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