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Artemis Commercial Capital strives to provide business owners and investors the best possible commercial financing solution to assist with the growth and success of their business. We provide a wide array of funding options that have been created to support certain aspects of all business shapes and sizes.

Regardless, of common factors that banks normally take into account when reviewing a loan, our process expands these factors and reviews all aspects of your business, including credit, capital, assets, future sales, management experience, etc.

Artemis Commercial Capital accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable Financing

Often, the biggest roadblock your business faces in terms of enhancing its profitability involves making sure you have enough cash flow to keep your operations running.
Artemis Commercial Capital CRE

Commercial Real Estate Financing

At Artemis Commercial Capital, we stand as one of the most well-renowned sources of commercial real estate financing solutions in the industry, and we are eager to provide the solutions you need for your next project.
Artemis Commercial Capital consumer financing

Consumer Financing

At Artemis Commercial Capital, we pride ourselves on providing the best commercial financing solutions in the industry, which is why we proudly provide a consumer finance program to our clients.
Artemis Commercial Capital equipment leasing

Equipment Financing

At Artemis Commercial Capital, we lease nearly any type of business-related equipment, so whether you run a medium-sized construction company or startup tech company, we have the equipment financing solutions you need.
Artemis Commercial Capital franchising

Franchise Financing

When you invested in your franchise, you wanted more than anything else to ensure its success. At Artemis Commercial Capital, we are here to support you in this goal with our exceptional franchise financing solutions.
Artemis Commercial Capital healthcare finance

Healthcare Financing

If you are a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or chiropractor, at Artemis Commercial Capital, we are here to meet all of your healthcare financing needs.
Artemis Commercial Capital SBA Loans

Small Business Loan

Today, more and more businesses use the Small Business Loan program to finance their operational needs. At Artemis Commercial Capital, we are a Preferred Financial Services company because we have received approval from the Small Business Administration.
Artemis Commercial Capital PO Financing

Purchase Order Financing

For many businesses, locating he funding to purchase presold goods is an ongoing obstacle. Here at Artemis Commercial Capital, we are here to help you overcome this problem with our purchase order financing program.
Artemis Commercial Capital MCA

Merchant Cash Advance

As a small business owner, you already know that due to fluctuations with the economy, securing the financing you need to remain operational or expand is difficult.
Artemis Commercial Capital stated income

Stated Income Loans

The loan application and approval process is tedious, and unless you have perfect credit history, obtaining the capital you need at an acceptable rate can be difficult.
Artemis Commercial Capital working capital

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

If you have good credit and are in need of a line of credit, at Artemis Commercial Capital, we highly recommend obtaining an unsecured business line of credit.

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