Boost Your Business’ Success With Equipment Financing

At Artemis Commercial Capital, we lease nearly any type of business-related equipment, so whether you run a medium-sized construction company or startup tech company, we have the equipment financing solutions you need. We approve applications within 24 hours, offer excellent interest rates, and can arrange for up to 84 months for repayment. Know that this program is for businesses that have been around for two years or longer.

Equipment Leasing Solutions We Offer

To meet the diverse needs of our client base, we offer several different financing programs for business equipment. For instance, for new businesses, we recommend our startup program. This program provides new businesses with the capital they need to continue to successfully provide their product or service.

We also offer an exceptional sale and lease back program. Through this program, we purchase your equipment and lease it back to you for a pre-specified term. After all the payments on the equipment have been made, you own the equipment once more.

In addition to these programs, we offer a government and municipal leasing program for a variety of entities, including libraries, armed services, state agencies, federal government agencies, and fire houses, and B, C, and D credit programs. These programs provide business with imperfect credit the financing they need to move forward.

The Benefits of Leasing Your Equipment

There are many reasons why you should lease all or a portion of your business’ equipment. These include some of the following:

  • You can preserve your existing credit lines for other purposes.
  • By leasing, you keep your cash free for other needs.
  • When you finance your equipment, you keep it from becoming obsolete.
  • Leasing equipment offers significant advantages for tax and accounting purposes.

We also only require fixed, low monthly payments on the lease, so you can reap these important benefits. For more information about our exceptional leasing program for business equipment, contact us at Artemis Commercial Capital today.