Obtain the Financing You Need With a Merchant Cash Advance

As a small business owner, you already know that due to fluctuations with the economy, securing the financing you need to remain operational or expand is difficult. At Artemis Commercial Capital, we believe a merchant cash advance may be the answer to your financing needs, and we can provide funding worth up to $200,000 for your business.

The Advantages of These Advances

A merchant cash advance is taken against your business’ credit card sales. After you apply for one of these advances through us, expect to receive your funds within a week upon approval.

These advances are often a smart alternative to acquiring a small business loan because you do not have to have perfect credit, and they may be your best option after being turned down for funding elsewhere. This form of funding also offers the following advantages to business owners:

  • Easy payback without the requirement to put down collateral
  • Minimal paperwork and efficient processing times
  • No fixed payments, closing costs, or application fee

You can also use the capital from the advance however you like, whether it be for purchasing inventory or supplies, advertising, or expansion.

Reach Out to Us Today

We are ready and waiting to provide you with further information about how a merchant cash advance can benefit your business. Give us a at Artemis Commercial Capital a call today to find out more!