Why Crafting Functional Business Teams is Essential to Success

Business teams are especially useful in the modern workforce, when everyone brings different skills to the table and everyone can combine efforts for the entire enterprise’s success.

Certainly some traditional business theories have encouraged owners to treat all employees as interchangeable parts, where it’s never a problem to replace someone.

But more and more research is showing that there are better ways to do business, namely treating people well, giving them the right tools, communicating, and thinking of them as partners rather than commodities. This theory can not only lead to higher job satisfaction and strong retention, but better productivity, all good things philosophically and financially.

Try these methods to build better business teams:

Plan for it

This goes beyond your company business plan or mission statement. Here, you can outline a strategy for how to make employees feel welcome, empowered and productive. It can include philosophies plus specific goals, such as evaluations at certain points, incentives over certain amounts of time or specific action items. This can be shared with all managers and even all employees.

Create a scoreboard

This will be a public way to measure certain factors and let everyone see that they’re all in this together. It will also be a way of showing which specific skills and accomplishments make the board, rather than subjective methods that can be confusing. It gives go-getters something to shoot for, such as a new employee making his or her first sale, or someone finally making into the top ranks.

Look for ways to help

Rather than saying “get to work” and leaving people alone, be available to assist. If you use the scoreboard concept, put effort into helping those with lower scores bring them up, people with mid-level scores to aim higher, and people on top continue to do well. Plus, being accessible is valuable in any organization.

Continue to recognize

Treating your business teams well isn’t a one-day process. It needs to be part of your daily routine.

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