Establishing an Outstanding Office Environment

As humans, the environment we’re in can vastly impact our mental state, including mood and productivity. Since we spend nearly 1/3 of our time at work, having a pleasant office environment can be night and day for an employee’s happiness and well-being. If you’re a decision-maker for your company, try implementing these ideas to create an amazing office environment.

Provide windows for natural light in the office

Workers in dark, windowless offices can feel depressed and cut off from the world, but something as simple as sunlight can make it feel more open and improve energy and happiness.

Include spaces for relaxation and fun

Employees are actually more productive if they have the opportunity for breaks throughout the day. Plus, they’ll appreciate that you trust them instead of micro-managing them, which will pay itself back in loyalty to your company. Create an area with couches and bean bags, or even a game room.

Got an open-plan office?

Install a few private rooms too. Sometimes, employees need a break away from the hustle and bustle, to take a phone call or get work done with deep focus. Even better: you could let employees choose what type of workspace they’d function best in. Introverts may prefer a cubicle they can make their own, while extroverts might thrive in a group setup.

Update furniture and technology

Don’t have employees sitting in saggy 10-year-old office chairs! Invest in ergonomic furniture so they’re physically comfortable, and make sure they have the technical equipment they need to get their job done without frustration.

Have tasteful office decorations that match your brand

Having a little color and visual variety in the office is important. Choose stylish artwork and feature some natural elements like plants or even a fishtank!

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