How to Make your Small Business More Eco-Friendly

Creating an eco-friendly business can fulfill the values of the founders and add an attractive element to the company mission and history. More and more consumers are interested in dealing with companies that reflect their priorities, such as preserving the Earth and living sustainably. Increase your business’ eco-friendly quotient with these tips.

Sustainable Business Ideas for Eco-Friendly Companies

• Recycle bins and in-office frugality: Use your office supplies sparingly. For example, encourage employees to print documents only when necessary and place recycling bins in prominent locations. Consider ecologically sound ideas like using refillable ink pens in your office.

• Sustainable products and/or supplies: Buy only recycled or recyclable lunchroom cups and plates, for example. Use non-toxic cleaners and purchase sustainably manufactured office items. Buy locally to avoid high carbon footprint cross-country or international delivery, when possible–or use carbon neutral carriers.

• Eco-friendly mailings: Try using recycled paper and re-usable return envelopes. Avoid wasted mailings by performing mailing list hygiene.

• Green computer servers: Use a green web host, which powers their servers with a renewable energy supply.

• Computer recycling: Use buy-back programs offered by major computer makers to get rid of your old computers responsibly. Or consider donating old, but still functional, computer equipment to a good cause for repair or re-use. Ask your tax advisor if such a donation would give you a tax deduction.

• Re-think office decor: Keep your existing furniture longer and consider repairing or refurbishing, rather than replacing. If you replace office furnishings, consider buying new-to-you used office furniture.

• Power alternatives: Switch to alternative energy for the workplace, such as geothermal, wind, or solar energy.

Let the above ideas inspire you to make changes in your business operations. You’ll help to bring about a green future and impress customers with your commitment. Some tips will help you save on overhead costs, too. Artemis Commercial Capital supports eco-friendly businesses. Contact us to discuss your funding needs today.

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