Time Management Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re rich or poor, male or female, old or young, with a college degree or not, you only have 24 hours a day. Time is one of the greatest equalizers in our world. To make the most of the time you have, you have to manage your time effectively. That doesn’t mean you have to work every minute of the day to reach your goals. You need balance. Here are some time management tips that will help you use your time wisely.

Set Goals

If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how will you know when you hit it? Use the SMART system to set goals that you can see through. But don’t forget to adjust goals along the way as your life changes.

Find a Time Management System

Use a time management system that works for you. Divide tasks into lists based on urgency and importance. If something is both urgent and important, spend your time working on that. Tasks that are neither urgent or important can be delegated to another time. Relegate your time to the important tasks.

Tackle Big Projects First

Accomplishing your biggest tasks first will give you momentum to get through the rest of your day. You’ll be fresher and more energized. By not procrastinating, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Take Breaks

Ideally, you should break for 17 minutes after 52 minutes of work. If that doesn’t work, you should at least take frequent breaks to keep your mental and physical states at peak performance. Take time to exercise each day. Make sure you’re eating right. And unwind at night with friends and family.

Use Email and Apps Effectively

Turn off notifications on your phone while you’re focused on a project. Don’t interrupt your momentum. You don’t need to know what’s happening on Twitter every moment. Spend blocks of time each day answering email.

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