Tips for Managing Your Time

Whether you’re a business owner or employee, it seems there’s never enough time in the day to complete the tasks at hand. Productivity, the ability to consistently realize your business goals and profits, depends upon time management. Check out the following tips on how to get a handle on where your time is going and how to manage it more effectively.

Take Stock of Time Spent

As a first step, efficiency experts suggest logging the times of day when you are least productive—from time wasted in meetings to post-lunch lags. Keep track of these periods for a week or so, and a pattern will generally emerge. Once you’ve established these daily doldrums, you can get to work on strategies for better managing your time.
Invest in a Time-Tracking Technology

Consider turning to technology for help with your productivity. The market is full of software and applications that can help you track and maximize your precious time. From mobile alerts and scheduling software to the traditional desk calendar, the choices are vast and affordable.

Compile a To-Do List

Recording your tasks as a prioritized list can keep you focused and on track. It may also help to include each item’s deadline – today or next week? At the end of the day, crossed-off items will boost your feeling of accomplishment. Simply move incomplete tasks to the next day’s list and repeat.

Seek Out Support

Chances are a colleague can more efficiently handle some of the tasks that regularly bog you down. Take an inventory of your team and decide who has the skills to help you out – and who you can help in return. Mutual support can serve to improve workplace collaboration and teamwork.

Fuel Your Brain and Body

Increase your productivity by making sure your brain and body are fueled throughout the day. Keep water and high-protein or fiber-rich snacks close at hand so that you stay energized and free from sugar or caffeine highs and lows. In the long run, stashing healthy snacks in your car, briefcase or office can save you time and money.

Learn From the Experts

Browse the Internet and bookstores for resources on increasing output. Better yet, seek out advice from experts and professionals closer to home: Is there a colleague, competitor or peer who stands out as a powerhouse? Extend an invitation to learn about his or her time management strategies.

In today’s marketplace, there are many low- and high-tech strategies to help boost your daily productivity. Choose those that best fit your personality and budget, implement them daily, and reap the business benefits.

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