Top Productivity Tips to Stay on Track

We all dream of being superstar multitaskers with the ability to flawlessly accomplish more with less effort. This level of productivity is something that has to be carefully cultivated and created using a combination of accountability and good habits. Learning this can be the difference between accomplishing your goals and falling just short of your business projections.

Understand What Productivity Means

Productivity can mean something different for different people. It’s really based on your goals and your personal expectations. There are three primary aspects of productivity that can help you to hone in on better practices:

  • Small Changes: Trying to do too much too quickly can set you up for failure. Accept that change will have to happen in small ways and that this will eventually add up to a more productive way of doing things.
  • Hold Yourself Responsible: Accountability matters. When you set a goal it’s important to hold yourself to it. Don’t be afraid to use accountability groups or to reward yourself when completing things on time.
  • Don’t be too Hard on Yourself: Pushing too hard can make you feel like your goals are impossible. You will make mistakes, and it’s important to own up to these and accept that it’s not the end of the world. A small mistake can be corrected and it’s okay to make allowances for yourself.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Trying to do too much at once can reduce quality and create an overwhelming work environment. Try to focus on one task at a time that’s manageable and allow yourself a certain amount of time dedicated entirely to this. This will help you to increase quality and to maintain a steady work pace. Spreading yourself too thin will have serious consequences and end up decreasing your overall productivity.

Fighting Distractions

With social media accessible constantly and many offices allowing phones and televisions, distractions can become a real problem. You’ll need to employ self-control and set these things aside in order to properly give your projects the attention they deserve. Lock your phone in a drawer, and keep your calls limited to professional correspondence only. Allow yourself to use these distractions as rewards when you’ve completed a block of time and have been adequately productive.

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